Why Does This Anime Exist: Love Rice

After making the mistake to watch Pan de Peace! on Crunchyroll, I figured I would never come across an anime as terrible ever again.  However, I have clicked on another four minute long mistake, Love Kome: We Love Rice.  Who knew it would only take four minutes to dislike an anime so much?  Personally, I agree... Continue Reading →

Child Predator, or True Love: First Love Monster

As one can infer from the title, this anime is about the relationship between a fifth-grader and an older girl.  Hatsukoi Monster, also known as First Love Monster in English, has what would appear to be a rather interesting storyline, involving the controversial age gap between two people in a relationship.  The anime consists of twelve episodes and... Continue Reading →

Yaoi On Ice Made History

During this ongoing winter season, the unparalleled and exceptional Yuri on Ice made its debut.  The anime consisted of a measly twelve episodes, leaving those who have watched it wanting more.  Although the ending hints at a second season, there has been no confirmation yet.  This comical and extraordinary anime has been placed in two genres, Sports... Continue Reading →

Sakamoto desu ga?

Sakamoto desu ga? follows the life of the handsome Sakamoto.  The anime aired last season for a total of twelve episodes.  Sakamoto desu ga? was truly an interesting anime to watch, one of my favorites from the spring season.  The anime is 100% binge watch worthy.  In each episode Sakamoto manages to capture the attention of the... Continue Reading →


Gangsta, the anime that gets your hopes up only to crush them in the end.  Gangsta aired twelve episodes during the summer of 2015, and it is definitely in need of a second season.   The anime is considered to be categorized as being apart of the Seinen, Action and Drama genres.  According to MAL users, Gangsta is... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Orange Eps. 1-3

Orange, the heartwarming anime that will capture not only your attention, but also your heart.  Orange is an anime that is airing this summer 2016 season.  It is expected to air 13 episodes.  The storyline follows the five lengthy manga volumes brilliantly.  The anime is classified under the genres of Shoujo, Romance, Drama, and Sci-fi. ... Continue Reading →

Black Butler: Book of Circus

Black Butler: Book of Circus aired 10 episodes during the summer season of 2014.  Black Butler is well-known in the world of anime and this sequel to the second season is rather pleasing to watch.  Black Butler: Book of Circus is a must watch for those who have seen the first two seasons of Black Butler.  If... Continue Reading →

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