Obsessed with Shoujo: Manga Recommendations

I primarily use myanimelist to keep track of the anime that I watch, as well as, to give me recommendations on what I should read next.  Due to MAL being down, I was stuck having to venture out on my own and find more manga titles to read.  During those painfully long five days and excess scrolling on MangaRock (highly recommend this app), I finally … Continue reading Obsessed with Shoujo: Manga Recommendations

More Shoujo: Manga Recommendations

Since my last post regarding manga recommendations, my small collection has grown dramatically.  I recently visited some of my favorite used bookstores, Zia Records and Bookmans, and managed to pick up quite a bit of manga.  My small collection just doubled as I added 12 new books to my ever-growing shelves.  I figured it was about time to update and share what some of my … Continue reading More Shoujo: Manga Recommendations