Wrapping Up: Akashic Records, Love Kome, and Yowamushi Pedal

As many of you already know, the first episodes are already started to be released for this upcoming anime season.  Now comes the time where I hurry to finish off a couple stragglers from last season, before the new one is in full bloom.

I have high hopes for this season, so I want to make sure my schedule is clear and my queue on Crunchyroll is almost empty so I can load up on more anime.

Looking back towards last season, there were quite a few diamonds in the rough last season.  I did not foresee adding to my favorites list as a possibility, however it became one.  The majority of my newfound favorites consisted of shows that started off slow and ended well, whereas the ones that I thought were off to a good start slowly started to drag on towards the end.


With that being said, there are quite a few anime that are lingering, and I am struggling to finish them all off, but I will try my best. I attempt to give an anime that I don’t find enjoyable three chances before either dropping it completely, or adding it to my overflowing on hold list on MAL.  The past season was not one of the most interesting ones that I have indulged in, however, it still sufficed as entertainment.

Here are my thoughts on some of the ones that I watched:

Akashic Records of a Bastard Magic Instructor

Related image

This was one of the anime that I thought was a hit, however it proved to gain a strike from me.  The story line became boring for me as it come closer to the end.  With four episodes left, I was bored of it, and decided to just finish off the remaining episodes in one go once they all were released.  The show was somewhat disappointing for me.  I love a good comedy, yet this lazy teacher became too lazy for my liking.  The ending was great.  The last episode answered a lot of my lingering questions and had a pretty interesting battle.  I am glad I waited it out and continued to watch it.

Love Kome: We Love Rice

I wrote a review on this rather confusing anime halfway through it airing, and I am still not impressed.  The anime is only a couple minutes long, however, it seemed really rushed.  The last episode was jam-packed with information that I did not know what to do with.  One of the characters sisters went missing, so he left, then they rode on a giant head shaped bus to rescue her, and it turns out she did not have to be rescued..?  A huge issue was sort of just thrown in an episode and solved immediately.  What was the point of adding it?  Also, I still do not know what they are supposed to be performing for a “Harvest Festival”.  The plot was extremely confusing, and the comedy was so bad it was laughable.  Maybe there is somebody out there that this anime appeals to?

Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation


I have watched every season of Yowamushi under the sun.  I never thought I would get into watching a bicycling anime, however it has proved to be extremely interesting.  What really hooked me on the first season was Onoda’s otaku nature, and of course, when he sings the opening of his favorite anime.  Has a season gone by where Onoda’s hasn’t sung his favorite song dedicated to his princess?  I love it.  This season is my second favorite out of all the ones there are, right behind the first.  I enjoy watching Onoda and the club progress and work towards their goal of winning at the Inter High.  It really makes you feel like you are watching the character age as their seniors move on from the club.  This season of new generations was truly interesting, and I hope the continuation comes soon.  Hopefully Sohoku will take first!

One thought on “Wrapping Up: Akashic Records, Love Kome, and Yowamushi Pedal

  1. plainpastaandplainrice says:

    I actually really liked Love Kome! I enjoy silly, pun-based, high-energy comedy which Love Kome delivered in spades. I would say that it seemed like there were a number of jokes which were not translated owing to the difficulty of doing so in a natural-sounding way (I’m not a fluent Japanese speaker by any means but I can usually follow the gist of a conversation). Anthropomorphic rice in general is perhaps something which gets a bit lost in translation. It wasn’t an outstanding series, but I definitely found it very fun to watch. It’s perhaps not something that I’d recommend to people in general unless I know that they have a very similar sense of humour to myself.

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