A Year in Review: Where did my stats go?

93.9 days.  I told myself last year that I would reach 100 days of watching anime on MAL by the end of 2018, I missed this by a landslide.  Looking back on last year’s post, I am displeased with myself.  I was in a rut for far too long.  Leading into 2018, I managed to add 40+ days to my anime stats.  This year it only increased by a measly 6 days.

Image result for defeat anime gif

me after not meeting my own expectations

I don’t recall the last time I finished a whole anime series, which is quite sad.  I used to find it relieving to waste hours marathoning through a feel-good anime, or watch a relationship develop.  I just felt less inclined to watch anime, I had other things to accomplish that felt more valuable at the time.  My stats on MAL and on WordPress went hand-in-hand (not that my stats were any notable number on here anyways).  I really saw it plummet.

screenshot (60)

The lacking feeling of accomplishment is somewhat motivating me.  I plan on scrapping 2018.  The single-digit 5 is an eyesore.  I need this year’s total posts to read 66 (ideally 88, but you know baby steps).  I’ll accept 2018 as a sort of gap year, giving myself the excuse that life got the best of me.  Time for the rather cheesy, overstated phrase: new year, new me.

The reasoning behind this post was to reflect on this past year and share my new goals with the community; however, this was more so a post for myself.  Despite this post easily being interpreted as light-hearted, I want to hold myself accountable.  I stated my goals and shared my poor stats in an attempt to drive myself to want to do better.  My mother always said: if it’s not in writing, it doesn’t exist.  With that being said, I can’t wait to see how my writing will progress in years to come.

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