Fan-made Videos are Better than the Actual Anime: Top 3 Favorite AMV’s

Hey, long time no see.  These last few months I was pronounced MIA.  My lack of motivation to write and major events, i.e., graduating and moving out of the house, resulted in me taking a step back from this blog to really focus on being present.  In the spirit of the new year, I decided it is about time to give this whole writing thing another go.  Let’s face it, I need a hobby and I am not going to neglect my three years previously devoted to this blog.

I have not finished an anime series in months; I only started watching episodes again in these last three days.  I figured the best approach to ease into this is to start off simple – with some AMVs.

I’m easily absorbed into videos, not limited to anime, and love thinking about the editing process.  This may just be my fascination with digital media after taking two years of film in high school, but I am proud for the creator/editor knowing the time put towards their project.  Also, I am impressed when the music choice works perfectly, making the video is 1000 times better.  My Spotify playlist is only comprised of songs heard on the radio.  I would find it nearly impossible to match a song to a video.  An additional benefit to watching AMVs is that I am able to appreciate an anime, despite dropping the series.  I rarely continue a series after not enjoying the first episode.  This is my way of seeing the potential of the anime further down the road, without having to waste my time sitting through a painfully long 12 episodes.

Without further ado, I present to you some AMVs that I’ve probably re-watched a minimum of five times each by now.

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