Top 3 Anime Children

As of right now, I have watched over 11,700 episodes of anime and have seen various types of anime characters: old, young, cute, ugly, creepy, dramatic, caring, selfish, selfless.  There are hundreds thousands millions of words that could describe each one of the characters featured in anime, but one word that sums up my top three... Continue Reading →

June 2017: Favorite Anime Characters

One year and two days time marks when I last posted about my favorite anime characters, this calls for an update.  My favorite characters tend to not change throughout the year.  A character really has to peak my interest in order for them to appear on my already maxed out MAL favorite characters list.  This season of anime has some... Continue Reading →

He is Actually a She?!

What is an anime trap? An anime trap is when a character appears to be a female, however, later on you realize that she is in fact a he.  Therefore, it is an anime trap and all of the anime lovers who have claimed him/her as a waifu are heartbroken.  Another way to think of... Continue Reading →

June 2016: Favorite Anime Characters

As of today I have come to an agreement with myself to finally accept that I can not have more than 10 characters on MAL.  Prior to today, it deeply saddened me at the thought that I could not include all of my favorite characters that I chose out of each anime that I've watched, however, today... Continue Reading →

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