Super Lovers

Super Lovers is a ten episode anime, currently airing on Crunchyroll.  As of right now, the anime has nine released episodes and will sadly end once this next one comes out.  Super Lovers is considered to be Shounen Ai and a Comedy.  I enjoy anime of this genre was thrilled after seeing Crunchyroll’s lineup for this spring season.  According to the average score of 7.56 that MAL users has scored it as, I would say that the majority of others are enjoying it as well as I am.

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Plot Summary

The anime starts out with Haru going back home for the summer, only to find out that his mother has adopted a boy, Ren.  As, you can tell from the gif above, Ren is not a social butterfly.  Ren spends every minute of his day surrounded by dogs and lives his life as if he is one.  Overtime, Haru grows on Ren and results in the two making a promise that they will live each other one day.  Haru leaves after the summer to continue his life like normal.  Haru gets involved in an accident and is unable to remember his summer spent with Ren.  However, Ren vividly remembers his time spent with Haru.  When Ren comes to live with Haru, drama unfolds due to Haru’s younger twin brothers, Aki and Shima, not accepting that Haru is focused on his other brothers.  This causes tension between the two sides, but as the anime progresses the twins are able to be accepting of Ren.  The story continues and the viewers discover how much of a brother complex Haru really has.  He even decides to work as a host to save money to move to a new house where they can all live together.  Ren is unable to improve upon his social skills and understand how a regular boy will act.  It is this way due to Haru’s strange way of greeting him, Haru being unable to sleep without Ren, Ren only knowing what Haru taught him that summer, and Ren having his education taught by college professors when he was living with Haru’s mother.  In sum, this anime is about a brother with an extreme brother complex that it affects the child greatly.

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The more I reflect on this anime, the more I love it.  The storyline feels like it was randomly thrown together and the characters are all very dramatic, but somehow it works.  Within the anime, there is always a discrepancy between the characters and Aki seems to always hate someone, however, the problem fixes itself relatively fast.  Pushing the few problems I have with the anime’s plot aside, the reason why I can’t help but find myself getting excited when a new episode comes out, would have to be caused by the relationship between Haru and Ren.  I eagerly await the episode where Ren realizes his feelings towards Haru are not normal.  The two are so cute together.  Ignore the age gap and the fact that they are brothers by choice, and they will be a very cute couple.  Haru has taught Ren everything he knows, furthering the deep connection between the two.  The anime has been splendid to watch and I am already wanting a second season when there is still another episode to go.  Why must the anime only go to ten episodes?  I need approximately 15 more.  I definitely recommend this anime for anyone interested in boys love, yaoi or shounen ai.  I give this a 5 out of 5 stars.

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