Older Siblings Play the Supporting Role in Anime and Life

Main characters are interesting.  They are designed to be interesting.  However, when I watch anime I look for the supporting characters.  I direct my attention towards the characters that are supposed to make the main character’s story seem more intriguing.

If you were to watch an anime with just main characters in it, that would be boring.  How entertaining would an anime be if all of the seats in the classroom were empty except for one?  Or if the streets were completely empty?

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The slight interactions between the main character and the one filling the supportive role are what make an anime stand out to me personally.  One thing that I found most of my favorite anime have in common is that the main character’s look towards their older siblings for guidance, or support.  Nine out of ten times that older sibling is just a supporting character.  The following supporting/main character duos are just a select few of my favorites.

Image result for mutsumi kazuma gif

Mutsumi Asuma and Kazuma

Let’s face it, I watched Kiss Him, Not Me! for the good-looking characters, not the plot.  While I did think Asuma was fairly easy on the eyes, I preferred Kazuma.  Besides good-looking anime characters, I also like rivalries between them.  Kazuma seemed to egg on his younger brother by playfully hanging around the girl he liked.  Although Kazuma could be viewed as the “bad guy” in numerous situations, it is clear to see that he simply wanted his younger brother to notice his feelings for the girl he liked sooner, rather than later.  It is truly a sweet gesture, once Kazuma’s games are over and done with.

Related image

Tsukishima Kei and Akiteru

What I have noticed about a large amount of supporting characters is that the majority of them only make an appearance in only one or two episodes.  However, in those one or two episodes, an amazing back story is told.  I absolutely loved the slight backstory given about Tsukki’s brother.  It may have been brief, but it was really interesting.  One can infer that his older brother is the main reason why Tsukki is determined to continue playing volleyball.  His older brother used to be an ace in middle school.  However, he was unable to be a regular in high school, instead he cheered for the team.  Tsukki dislikes people with pure intentions since his brother always believed he would make the team.  I believe Tsukki is still playing volleyball as a way to internally support his brothers decision to stay with the team.

Image result for luffy ace sabo gif

Luffy, Ace and Sabo

How can you make a post about siblings and not include the wonderful trio, Luffy, Ace and Sabo.  If you have kept up to date with the show, spoiler, the three of them are not truly brothers, by blood at least, yet they treat each other as though they are.  Portgas D. Ace is hands down my all-time favorite character from One Piece.  He may not have been around long to develop as a character, yet he left quite an impression on me.  Getting back on topic, Ace plays the older brother role out of the three of them.  He takes it upon himself to watch over his brothers.  He makes it his goal to keep them safe.  He would surely come to their rescue, if need be.  Besides being protecting them, he showed them to set goals for themselves.  Ace was willing to protect Luffy even if it meant death.  Luffy and Sabo will forever look up to Ace for guidance and support.  They know that even though he is not with them physically, he is encouraging them mentally.

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