A Year in Review: Where did my stats go?

93.9 days.  I told myself last year that I would reach 100 days of watching anime on MAL by the end of 2018, I missed this by a landslide.  Looking back on last year's post, I am displeased with myself.  I was in a rut for far too long.  Leading into 2018, I managed to … Continue reading A Year in Review: Where did my stats go?

Obsessed with Shoujo: Manga Recommendations

I primarily use myanimelist to keep track of the anime that I watch, as well as, to give me recommendations on what I should read next.  Due to MAL being down, I was stuck having to venture out on my own and find more manga titles to read.  During those painfully long five days and … Continue reading Obsessed with Shoujo: Manga Recommendations