Top 3 Anime Children

As of right now, I have watched over 11,700 episodes of anime and have seen various types of anime characters: old, young, cute, ugly, creepy, dramatic, caring, selfish, selfless.  There are hundreds thousands millions of words that could describe each one of the characters featured in anime, but one word that sums up my top three favorite anime children would be: adorable.

Tsumugi from Sweetness and Lightning

Image result for tsumugi gif sweetness and lightning

I was wary about this anime at first, but after the first episode I was hooked on this sweet little girl.  Tsumugi definitely has a thing for hamburg steak and giving away her vegetables.  She is a caring young girl who is determined to get what she wants.  Her father cares deeply for her, and she does for him as well.  For someone who has no one to fill her mother’s role in her life, Tsumugi is growing to be a fine young lady.  When her father got sick, she was determined to help him…maybe a bit too determined.  Her strong-headedness led to her leaving the house on her own to get her father food, but this just led to him being even more worried.  Overall, she is one cute kid.

Shippo from InuYasha

Image result for shippo inuyasha gif

This small fry is actually my second favorite character from InuYasha, right behind Sesshomaru of course.  I love his up-beat and childish behavior.  Shippo is able to act mature in times of trouble, but when the group is just travelling he is always messing around and getting scolded by InuYasha.  Without Shippo as a supporting character, I don’t think that I would enjoy InuYasha quite as much.

Alluka Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter 2011

Image result for alluka zoldyck gif

Upon first watching Hunter x Hunter 2011, I was confused as to what gender Alluka was, and I still am.  Based on Killua calling Alluka a girl, I was just going to assume she is a girl.  It is fitting that Alluka’s gender is questionable since her character is mysterious.  Alluka’s second personality appears out of nowhere and can cause detrimental havoc.  In order to be around Alluka, one must be able to think quick on their feet.  She could kill you in an instant if you are not able to comply with her demand.  Her unpredictable behavior is what I really like about Alluka.  I found myself waiting in anticipation, wondering what her character was going to do next.  Alluka is truly an innocent, young and playful girl; she just needs someone like Killua around her who can avoid her second personality’s commands.

One thought on “Top 3 Anime Children

  1. GeekyGirlWrites says:

    Oh my gosh!! I love Shippo and Alluka so much!
    Hunter X Hunter was the first anime I watched and Alluka instantly became one of my favorite characters. I wish I saw more of her, though, since she was only on 12 episodes.
    As for Shippo, he’s so adorable and definitely one of my favorite characters from InuYasha. 🙂

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