MAL versus Anime Planet: Which One is the Better Anime Tracker?

There are various ways that you can keep track of the anime you watch.  For instance, you could use an Excel spreadsheet, a simple piece of paper, your memory or the highly preferred method, the internet.  The internet makes life a thousand times easier, well, at least in my case it does.  I use two websites to keep track of anime that I watch, which are Anime Planet and MyAnimeList.

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Recently, two minutes ago, I asked myself, “Why do I log my list on two separate websites?  Why don’t I just use one?”.  Well, the answer is that I like to make things difficult, joking.  I use two different websites because I like the different options that each site has to offer.

However, I tend to neglect Anime Planet.  I give the majority of my attention to MAL, updating my anime and manga lists daily on the website.  This results in Anime Planet only getting to see me every couple of months.  And I only ever visit to import my MyAnimeList to have a back-up list.  Am I truly worthy to be known as a user on Anime Planet when I don’t even make time in my day to browse the forums.

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Let’s list the pros and cons of each website, based on my knowledge of both, to see which one I should just stick with.



  • 10 points rating system
  • visually appealing
  • customizable profile
  • customizable anime and manga lists
  • active community
  • easy to navigate
  • partnered with Crunchyroll
  • compares your compatibility to other users
  • notifies you of friends birthdays (yes, I find this extremely helpful)

Anime Planet

  • 5 star rating system
  • fitting recommendations
  • customizable profile
  • active community
  • easy to navigate
  • partnered with Crunchyroll
  • anime episodes get their own page
  • I love… and I hate… options for characters
  • detailed description of each anime and manga



  • confusing forums
  • lacking recommendations
  • presentation of the episodes
  • anime descriptions are not intriguing, except for the ones rewritten by MAL Rewrite

Anime Planet

  • not as visually appealing anime tracker by days
  • anime and manga lists are not as appealing to look at

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Some of the points that I listed under the pros/cons section were my personal opinions, such as how visually appealing the website is.  Also, I understand that the recommendations are created by other users, but I feel as though Anime Planet wins in that department since suggestions appear on your profile.

Well, those are all of the pros and cons that I could think of off the top of my head.  I am sure there are more good points and not-so-good opinions of each of the websites.  Based upon the lists that I have compiled, I am going to have to stick with keeping MAL as my main anime tracker.  While I love the fact that Anime Planet has more anime and manga listed in their system, the simplistic visual appeal of MAL is what makes me so dedicated to the site.  Maybe in the future, I will find an online tracker that will replace both of them, but for now I will continue to use the two, one as my main and one as my backup.

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How do you keep track of what anime you have and haven’t watched?  Also, what website do you use to keep track of your anime that is better than the rest?

4 thoughts on “MAL versus Anime Planet: Which One is the Better Anime Tracker?

  1. Karandi says:

    At this stage I don’t use anything to keep track of what I’ve watched (and it means occasionally I start watching something to realise I’ve actually tried it before and had forgotten). That said, I really am getting to the point where I should start looking into tracking what I’ve reviewed at least because sometimes remembering that is a struggle.


  2. Cat says:

    I use both plus Kitsu, but I find it use MAL and AP more. AP has some webcomics and content MAL doesn’t have. Plus they have the reading and watching challenges, which inspires me to try to watch more. The founder also seems nice and quick to add entries of anime and manga that the community asks for.
    Since my interest is tracking everything I read and watch, I have to use both and use Kitsu as backup when I remember hehe.

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