More Anime, Yes Please: Anticipated Summer Line-up

It is that time of year again, where the expectation of an anime is set high, resulting in the disappointment of many once the first episode is released.  As the seasons change I am also guilty of expecting too much.  My standards always manage to get brutally stomped on within minutes of the first episode.

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Lately, I have found that the descriptions of new anime alone disappoint me.  For the last two seasons, I have only chosen a handful of releases to watch, however, this upcoming season I intend to watch many new titles.  This may be the longest list that I have compiled in a while.  Twelve new titles have captured my attention and they are all competing for my affection, however, will there even be a sole winner?


New Game!!

It’s back for a second season!  I have to admit that I was not completely impressed with the first season, but I am willing to give the second season a try.


The second season of New Game! Continuing to show the daily grind of the game development studio, Eagle Jump.

Source: AniChart


The exclamation marks must mean that the anime will be good, right?  I became interesting in this anime just by glancing at the title.  Honestly, I enjoyed the first season of Sword Art Online, you’re cringing, I know, and I have been looking for game related anime ever since.


Centering on the gaming lives of various high school students who play video games, including: Keita Amano, a lonely young man who loves video games; Karen Tendou, the beautiful president of the video game club; Chiaki Hoshinomori, who constantly fights with Keita; and Tasuku Uehara, who puts on a facade of being satisfied with his life in the real world, but he in truth loves video games.

Source: AniChart

Knights & Magic

An otaku is the main character, how could I not watch it?  An otaku as the main character must mean it will be some what of a comedy.  Ultimately, I am not sure I will end up watching past the first episode since it is under the Mecha category, and I never really enjoy those.


In the story, a Japanese mecha otaku dies in a car accident and his soul is reincarnated into another world as Ernesti Echevarria. Eru inherits memories and interests from his previous life, and aims to be a pilot of a Silhouette Knight, a large humanoid weapon that really exists in his world.

Source: AniChart

Hajimete no Gal

I am one hundred percent watching this for the plot, just the plot.


The romantic comedy begins with Junichi “Jun” Hashiba, an uncool high school student who frets about wanting to lose his virginity. Egged on by his friends, Jun goes on his knees and confesses his love to a classmate named Yukana Yame. The confession surprisingly works and the couple goes out. However, Jun finds himself in uncharted waters with Yame, a trendy and fashion-conscious “gal” (gyaru).

Source: AniChart


If Dive is in any way shape or form like Free in the slightest, you bet I will be watching it as soon as the episodes release in order to see hot guys in speedos how the plot develops.  I truly hope that this one is interesting, I have a lot of faith resting on this anime.


The series revolves around the Mizuki Diving Club (MDC), which is on the verge of closing down after having financial troubles. The club’s new coach persuades the club’s parent company to stay open on one condition: that the club sends one of its members to next year’s olympics as part of Japan’s olympic team.

Source: AniChart

Koi to Uso

I am pretty sure that at one point in time I read this manga.  I do not remember it if I did, or if I finished it.  I am not all that into anime under the Drama and Romance categories, but hey, I will try it out.


Lies are forbidden and love moreso. In the near future, when you turn sixteen, you are assigned a marriage partner by the government. Yukari Nejima is a below average fifteen year old, but in within him, hides a heart burning with passion! In this world in which love is forbidden, what will happen to him?

Source: AniChart

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun

Seriously, why do a ton of titles have exclamation points in them?

I am hoping that this anime’s episodes are only four minutes long.  Based upon the description of it, it seems like it will just be another anime, nothing outstanding about it.  The jokes will be bad and the drawings sloppily done, but of course I will continue to watch it.


Aoyama, the handsome young soccer genius that’s a representative of Japan. His play style is “cleanliness.” He doesn’t tackle and doesn’t head the ball. If he’s doing a throw-in, he’ll only do it if he’s wearing gloves.

Source: AniChart

Nana Maru San Batsu

Competitive quizzes…ok, I can work with that.  I can work with this.  Hopefully, the comedy makes this anime bearable to watch.


As soon as he entered high school, the first year student Koshiyama Shiki was invited to the mysterious Quiz Study Group led by his senpai. What will Shiki run into when being dragged along by his class mate Mari into the dazzling world of competitive quizzes?!

Source: AniChart

Youkai Apato no Yuuga na Nichijou

I have saved the best one for last.  I have nothing but high hopes for this anime.  After seeing Punch Line and The Morose Mononokean I’ve grown to like anime that combines supernatural beings and daily life.


Yuushi Inaba, a 16-year-old boy whose parents died three years ago. He moved into his uncle’s house, but resolved to move into a dormitory in high school. Plans changed when that dormitory burned down. He eventually finds a cheap apartment, but discovers too late that the apartment is home to supernatural creatures such as ghosts, youkai, and mononoke, and his daily life becomes embroiled in the eccentric apartment.

Source: AniChart


No Game No Life -Zero-

I have waited centuries, that is a little extreme, for a continuation of the anime.  The first season of the anime let me hanging.  I re-watch the anime annually, trying to see if there was anything that I missed.  I am so happy to see that there is going to be a movie soon.  I’m glad that the producers didn’t just forget about the anime as a whole.


A movie adaptation of the light novel series announced at the MF Bunko J Summer School Festival 2016 event, which will adapt the sixth volume.

Source: AniChart


Bungou Stray Dogs 2 OVA

I only watch this anime for Dazai.  Maybe for Akutagawa and Chuuya as well, but other than that the other characters do not interest me.



Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

This is another one of those anime that I dislike with such passion that it makes me want to watch it more.  It is so hilariously bad that you just can’t stop watching it.  I cringed throughout the whole second season, I can’t wait to see what this one entails.


It is a continuation of the second season.

One thought on “More Anime, Yes Please: Anticipated Summer Line-up

  1. weeabootaku says:

    Gamers! and Hajimete no Gal are on my “to watch” list for this Summer as well. And I’m right there with you, on how these past two seasons really haven’t excited me. But this upcoming season has the most shows that I’ve been interested in in awhile. So I hope we enjoy these shows! Good post!


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