Child Predator, or True Love: First Love Monster

As one can infer from the title, this anime is about the relationship between a fifth-grader and an older girl.  Hatsukoi Monster, also known as First Love Monster in English, has what would appear to be a rather interesting storyline, involving the controversial age gap between two people in a relationship.  The anime consists of twelve episodes and … Continue reading Child Predator, or True Love: First Love Monster

Yaoi On Ice Made History

During this ongoing winter season, the unparalleled and exceptional Yuri on Ice made its debut.  The anime consisted of a measly twelve episodes, leaving those who have watched it wanting more.  Although the ending hints at a second season, there has been no confirmation yet.  This comical and extraordinary anime has been placed in two genres, Sports … Continue reading Yaoi On Ice Made History

Super Lovers

Super Lovers is a ten episode anime, currently airing on Crunchyroll.  As of right now, the anime has nine released episodes and will sadly end once this next one comes out.  Super Lovers is considered to be Shounen Ai and a Comedy.  I enjoy anime of this genre was thrilled after seeing Crunchyroll's lineup for this spring season.  According to the average score of … Continue reading Super Lovers