A Year in Review: Anime Edition 2017

This past year was filled with positive experiences.  I have kept up to date with the newly released anime and viewed a couple from past years.  Overall, I would say last year was definitely the most anime filled.  I ended the year with a grand total of 87 days spent watching anime, according to MAL.  … Continue reading A Year in Review: Anime Edition 2017

June 2016: Favorite Anime Characters

As of today I have come to an agreement with myself to finally accept that I can not have more than 10 characters on MAL.  Prior to today, it deeply saddened me at the thought that I could not include all of my favorite characters that I chose out of each anime that I've watched, however, today … Continue reading June 2016: Favorite Anime Characters

Super Lovers

Super Lovers is a ten episode anime, currently airing on Crunchyroll.  As of right now, the anime has nine released episodes and will sadly end once this next one comes out.  Super Lovers is considered to be Shounen Ai and a Comedy.  I enjoy anime of this genre was thrilled after seeing Crunchyroll's lineup for this spring season.  According to the average score of … Continue reading Super Lovers