Asterisk War

Asterisk War is a twenty-four episode anime that finished airing the first twelve episodes on Crunchyroll and Funimation not too long ago.  The anime is currently airing the other twelve episodes as of April of this year.  Asterisk War, also known as Gakusen Toshi Asutarisuku was based on the various light novels written by the talented Yuu Miyazaki.  The anime was given an average score of 7.27, according to, which is not too bad.  Personally, I think the anime deserves a 9 out of 10, but you can’t please everyone.


Plot Summary

Asterisk War is set in the future where magic and mana exist, and are brought into daily lessons at magic academies, allowing the students knowledge on magic and technology to expand.  The students are taught magic in order to compete against one another for high rankings and school honor.  Their rankings give them an idea as to who is most likely to succeed during the Festas (Seven Star Fight Festivals).  The Festas occur between six academies at the city called “Rikka”, also known as “Asterisk”.  The main protagonist, Ayato Amagiri happens to transfer into Seidokan Academy for his own reasons, and wants to fight as well.  When he first arrives at the academy, he instantly starts off on the wrong start.  Ayato ends up dueling one of the another main protagonists, Julis-Alexia von Riessfelt, and as you might have been able to guess from her fancy name she is royalty in her homeland.


Upon seeing the first episode, I was instantly hooked.  The artwork of an anime is what makes me decide whether or not I will enjoy it, and I immediately knew I would.  The plot is rather interesting and unlike one that I have seen before.  The characters each have their own personalities, adding to the well-written story line.  When this anime came out with its first season I eagerly waited each week for a new episode.  A second season was an amazing surprise.  The second season is more action packed and by far more interesting.  If you are not as captivated with the first season as I was, be sure to try out the second before completely tossing it aside.  The second season is what really draws you in.  The Festa start in the second season and Ayato and Julis are the stars.  Their astounding team work and slight love connection makes you want to cheer them on.  The recently released episode gave me exactly what I was waiting for.  The duo’s hard work finally paid off, resulting in their victory for the Festa.  Despite, the random plot twist thrown in when Flora gets kidnapped, the plot is overall intriguing and stays on topic, resulting in me giving it 4 out of 5 stars.


One thought on “Asterisk War

  1. Glad you are enjoying this and thanks for sharing your thoughts. It took a few episodes of season one before I got into this but since then I have been following along every step. There’s definitely some room for the story to be better developed but this continues to be entertaining.


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