An Anime About Bread: Pan de Peace

Pan de Peace! is an anime made up of 13 episodes, each lasting around three minutes long.  This anime aired during spring of 2016.  Pan de Peace! is an anime meant for those looking for a short anime to kill time with.  Also, the anime could be nice for bakers, or bread enthusiasts.  Pan de Peace! is marked as being apart of the Slice of Life and Comedy genres.  According to MAL, the average score given to this anime was a 5.59 out of 10, by 3,915 users.  The rating of this anime is on the low side, and I do not disagree with its placement.

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Plot Summary

This anime is focused around the not-so-average high school student, Minami.  Minami is loves eating bread and can be described as an airhead.  Minami is able to befriend various students due to their common interest of bread.  Her classmates, Yuu, Fuyumi, and Noa, all are knowledgeable about bread and the basics of bread making.  The school girls can’t wait to learn more about bread together.


If Pan de Peace! lasted as long as the average anime, I would have gave up on it a while ago.  I do not like to drop anime, but this anime about bread was really pushing me to do so.  Thankfully Pan de Peace! has ended and I will no longer have to learn about the different bread types to understand what the main characters were excited for.  This anime is perfect for a bread enthusiast, but as an average person I think it is dreadful to watch the school girls discuss bread.  I have never heard of girls befriending each other due to their interest in bread, however, this anime has made me become more aware of the unique interests people have.  Despite the rather strange topic that I am unfamiliar with, the jokes made within this anime were not funny.  When I see an anime marked as a comedy, I expect to laugh, however, for this anime I simply cringed.  Anyways, enough about bread loving school girls and on with the rating.  This anime was not enjoyable in the slightest for me, leading to me giving it a rating of 1 out of 5 stars.

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