Shounen Maid

Shounen Maid consists of 12 episodes and aired during this recent spring season.  This comical anime is a must-see for those into shounen ai.  Shounen Maid is not categorized as being under the shounen ai genre, however, it does feature cute moments between two male family members who rely on one another.  The anime falls under the genres of Comedy, Shoujo, and Slice of Life.  Shounen Maid accumulated an average score of 7.39, according to the 5,304 users of MAL who watched the series.

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Plot Summary

The anime, Shounen Maid, follows the life of the young boy Chihiro.  Chihiro is left homeless after the death of his mother.  His mother was abandoned by her side of the family and wanted to live a life where she earned her own money through her own hard work.  This stubborn and hardworking personality passed on to Chihiro as he learns that his mother has a brother who was willing to take him in.  Chihiro did not want to live with his mom’s brother, Madoka, for free and chose to not live with him.  However, after contemplating a way to make Chihiro stay, Madoka chose to let Chihiro live with him as a boy maid.  Madoka is a designer and made Chihiro a frilly uniform, thinking he was not going to wear it, but with Chihiro’s sense of duty, he wears it with pride.  Instead of Madoka taking care of Chihiro, the self sufficient boy ends up taking care of his uncle, alongside his uncle’s manager, Keiichirou.  The two of them are able to keep the adult who acts like a child focused on his work.  Chihiro’s bond with not only his friend Hino grows, but also his newly established bond with his uncle furthers as well.


Shounen Maid takes the cake for my favorite anime to watch this spring season.  As I watched this anime the time seemed to fly by.  After each episode, I was left wanting more.  The end came by abruptly and one can only hope for a second season.  If you are in need of an anime to binge watch, this one is certainly a must.  Each episode is filled with hilarious moments featuring the boy who loves to clean, Chihiro.  I love how strong willed Chihiro is, and how Madoka loves him as his own child.  Despite how much I enjoyed this anime, it did not give off a very ‘original’ vibe.  However, I tend to drift more towards an anime that is similar to others, making this one enjoyable.  Continuing on, Chihiro is not the sole reason why I favor this anime, the other characters were entertaining to watch as well.  The slight drama when Hino’s family wanted to take in Chihiro and the issue of Madoka wanting to adopt numerous cats all made the anime worthwhile.  Overall, I would rate Shounen Maid a 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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