Magic Kaito 1412

Magic Kaito 1412 consists of 24 episodes and aired during the Fall season of 2014.  The anime is based off the manga written by the talented Gosho Aoyama.  Gosho Aoyama is also known for writing Case Closed, featuring Detective Conan, who makes an appearance several times throughout this anime.  Magic Kaito 1412 falls under the genres of Comedy, Shounen and Adventure.  Magic Kaito 1412 has received an average score of 7.95, according to the users of MAL.

Plot Summary

Magic Kaito 1412 focuses around the life of teenagger, Kaito Kuroba, whose renowned magician father died mysteriously during one of his performances years earlier.  Kaito discovers a secret room leading him to recordings of his father’s voice, instructing him on how to become a great magician and to be what he once was, Kaito Kid the Phantom Thief.  His father used to be a phantom thief, who pulled off extravagant acts, in order to steal expensive gemstones.  It is suspected that Kaito’s father was killed by a criminal organization in search of a stone known as the Pandora Gem, that allegedly grates whoever possesses it immortality.  With Kaito now taking over his father’s role as Kaito Kid, he gains the help of his father’s old assistant, and is in search of the gem that his father was supposedly killed for.  Kaito hopes to obtain the precious stone before the men who killed his father will get their hands on it.


Magic Kaito 1412 is truly brilliant.  Each episode’s storyline is carefully thought out and executed in a magnificent way.  The thought put towards this anime really shows!  I love not only the storyline, but also the characters.  Kaito is rather comical and his childhood friend, Aoko, really draws out the best in him.  Another reason why I found Aoko to be a great addition to the story was that her father was trying to catch the phantom thief, and I found it quite funny that Kaito was hiding in plain sight.  I am slightly disappointed that Aoko and Kaito did not become an item and that the mystery man in the end was not revealed, however, I do have a clue as to who it might have been.  The well blend of the character’s personalities, mystery and overall storyline truly makes this anime stand out.  At first I was not a huge fan of the excessively pointy noses, however, I soon learned to accept it because that is what also makes Magic Kaito stand out.  All in all, I rate this an anime 5 out of 5 stars.


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