November 2017: Favorite Anime Characters

Although I have quite a few favorite anime characters, I only ever get around to writing one “Favorite Anime Character” post a year.  My MAL character list can only have so many characters.  It is truly a shame, since I always have a hard time choosing which favorite to rank above the rest.  It is like choosing a favorite child; something you never want to admit.  Due to skipping out on a favorite anime characters for last season, I am going to include my new-found favorites in this list.

First up on the list, I need to show appreciation for the wonderful Ayanokouji.  I knew I would love his character from the very first episode of Classroom of the Elite.  He is rather monotone and unenthusiastic about everything that he does.  His rather dark past adds to his carefree personality and mysterious vibe that he gives off.  He purposely let’s others take credit for his genius plans and doesn’t show his true potential physically or mentally.  While he seems like he only does things for his own personal benefit, I believe that he truly does want to help out his fellow classmates.  As can be seen in the last couple of episodes featuring the class being forced to compete on an island for supremacy.

Image result for classroom of the elite gif

Continuing with the theme of unexpressive characters, another one of my favorites from the last season has to be Mikuriya from Fastest Finger First.  Mikuriya was the whole reason why I continued to watch the buzzer-clicking anime.  I was not all that interested in the show, until his character was introduced.  I love watching rivalries develop in anime.  I thought it was rather thoughtful that Mikuriya was motivating Koshiyama to continue competing in quiz bowls, however, I couldn’t help but want to see Mikuriya crush all of his opponents with his mental capabilities.

Image result for Nana Maru San Batsu mikuriya gif

Last, but certainly not least, from this season I deemed Sakurai Yuuta my sole favorite anime character.  It is rare when an anime character in each series that I am watching does not catch my eye, however, this time around only the timid Sakurai did.  Recovery of an MMO Junkie happens to be the only series that I truly enjoy this time around.  I was unsure of the show at first, however, I am now in love with it.  I can’t wait for each episode to air, especially to see Sakurai.  I whole-heartedly would support a relationship between the two gamers.  I hope the shy Sakurai finds out soon that his partner online should be his true partner in real life.  I can’t help but support relationships between the shy and innocent.

Image result for sakurai yuuta playing lily gif

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