30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 25


Day 25: “Saddest Anime Death”

Who would have thought that I would be comparing anime to a John Green book?  John Green always seems to kill off my favorite characters, and so does One Piece.

Image result for ace one piece gif deathPortgas D. Ace was my favorite character in One Piece, until he sacrificed himself.  I loved Ace’s character.  He tended to put his brother before himself in various scenarios.  You could tell that their bond was unbreakable and wasn’t one that you would have from just being related.  They truly cared for each other.  Despite how fond I was of Ace, I did not cry after his death.  I was more shocked than upset at the fact that he just sacrificed himself for his brother.  While it was a touching moment, I felt like Ace had so much more he could have accomplished.

Image result for corazon one piece gif deathFollowing my obsession with Ace, I became emotionally attached to Corazon, Law’s caretaker.  His relationship with Law was touching.  I loved that he was willing to step up and essentially take on the role of being Law’s father figure.  It brought tears to my eyes when Corazon kept searching for a cure for Law, despite being turned down so many times.  I thought I was safe with my character choice until the same thing happened, he died for the sake of his companion.  Corazon was killed off to save Law.  Why do all of my favorite characters keep putting others lives before their own?

Image result for corazon one piece gif deathI have trust issues after watching One Piece lately.  I have to be more careful when choosing favorite characters since they seem to have a common theme of dying.  Currently I have gone a hopefully safe route and chose Trafalgar D. Water Law as my replacement favorite.  Maybe the third time is the charm?  I am hoping he will not be killed off, otherwise I am going to have to choose a main character to be 98 percent safe.

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