30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 21


Day 21: “Favorite Goofy Anime Character”

Unlike the other characters that I have used for this anime challenge, this one comes from an anime that is currently airing.  I mentioned her briefly in my prior post, but I am going to be using the one and only Aho-girl.

Image result for aho girl gif

Aho-girl is centered around a girl who enjoys eating bananas, violating other female characters and annoying her childhood friend.  Yoshiko is truly a…unique individual.  It takes a lot of skill to miss every single question on a test, but she has managed to do it.  Yoshiko is so horrifically stupid, you can’t help but laugh at her.  I love her character, however, I can’t help but sympathize with her friend.  There is no helping Yoshiko improve in school, even the children on the playground have accepted her stupidity.  Who knows how she will act when she is released into the real world?

Image result for aho girl gif

Synopsis: Yoshiko is a genuinely stupid girl (she can even manage to get all 0’s on multiple choice tests). She hangs out at school with her childhood friend, who she claims to like, and he has to put up with all her ridiculous behavior!

Source: MAL


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