30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 20


Day 20: “Anime Character That Gets On Your Nerves”

It takes a lot to get on my nerves, however, there is one anime character that manages to do so every single time I see her in an episode.  Mako from Kill la Kill throws me over the edge.

Image result for mako kill la kill gif

I somewhat liked Kill la Kill, and I probably would have enjoyed it even more if Mako did not make her appearance in almost all of the scenes.  Her stupidity and obnoxious behavior makes me dislike her.  I was thrilled as I watched the scene where she get getting hit in the face with tennis balls, but other than that I did not enjoy seeing her.  Usually there is an overly stupid character in each anime, yet I have not seen one that gets on my nerves more than her.  I am able to watch Aho girl and laugh, yet I can not stand Mako.  It seems like the anime’s creators tried too hard to include an idiot character, making what was once supposed to be humorous…annoying.

Image result for mako kill la kill gifSynopsis:

After the murder of her father, Ryuuko Matoi has been wandering the land in search of his killer. Following her only lead—the missing half of his invention, the Scissor Blade—she arrives at the prestigious Honnouji Academy, a high school unlike any other. The academy is ruled by the imposing and cold-hearted student council president Satsuki Kiryuuin alongside her powerful underlings, the Elite Four. In the school’s brutally competitive hierarchy, Satsuki bestows upon those at the top special clothes called “Goku Uniforms,” which grant the wearer unique superhuman abilities. Thoroughly beaten in a fight against one of the students in uniform, Ryuuko retreats to her razed home where she stumbles across Senketsu, a rare and sentient “Kamui,” or God Clothes. After coming into contact with Ryuuko’s blood, Senketsu awakens, latching onto her and providing her with immense power. Now, armed with Senketsu and the Scissor Blade, Ryuuko makes a stand against the Elite Four, hoping to reach Satsuki and uncover the culprit behind her father’s murder once and for all.

Source: MAL

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