30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 12


Day 12: “Saddest Anime Scene  Ever”

While the prompt says anime scene, I am going to post about an anime that I find so unbearably sad and relatable that I can’t even bring myself to complete it…Kimi ni Todoke.  I often find myself comparing this anime to an unfortunate scenario, so I couldn’t stop myself from talking about more personal things throughout this post.

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Synopsis: Kuronuma Sawako is completely misunderstood by her classmates. Her timid and sweet demeanor is often mistaken for malicious behavior. This is due to her resemblance to the ghost girl from “The Ring,” which has led her peers to give her the nickname Sadako. Longing to make friends and live a normal life, she is naturally drawn to Kazehaya Shouta, the most popular guy in class, whose “100% refreshing” personality earns him great admiration from Sawako. So when Kazehaya starts talking to her, maybe there is hope for the friendships Sawako has always longed for. Maybe… there is even a little hope for some romance in her future.

Source: MAL

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I have always been a sympathetic person, however, during my younger years I would describe myself as being overly sympathetic.  I often found myself tearing up as soon as I saw another person crying, or being bullied.  Although that is not really the case anymore, I still refuse to continue watching Kimi ni Todoke.  I know that From Me to You is supposed to be more of a heart-warming and comical anime than anything else, however, I can not watch it.

Image result for kimi ni todoke gifI remember first watching the anime a couple years ago and crying during each episode.  I have never been a huge fan of bullying, or secluding others in general, so this anime struck a chord with me.  As of now, I don’t remember much about the anime, other than me crying during the majority of it.  Despite all of the reviews that slightly encourage me to give it another try, I find myself still refusing to pick up from where I left off.

Image result for kimi ni todoke gifI have learned to not let my emotions get the best of me over the years, yet the whole idea of it still bothers me for this specific anime.  I know Sadako has some friends in the anime and a boy who is extremely kind to her, but I can’t stop thinking back to the characters who kept trying to seclude Sadako from their group.  Sadako’s oblivious nature reminds me too much of a situation that I witnessed daily in middle school.  There was one girl who was bullied every day due to side effects she had to live with after having multiple strokes.  In situations like Sadako’s, I can’t help but sympathize with the character, or person.  I guess that I pictured From Me to You  as being a real life scenario, so now the anime is able to be viewed as not being one.

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