Calling All Otakus and their Wallets: Anime Posters and Stickers

Today is August 1st, a day I have had marked in my calendar since January.  By the time you are reading this, I will already be impatiently waiting by my front door for the delivery man (since I tend to schedule these posts for later times).

“Why is August 1st so important?”

You may be asking yourself this question, great question by the way, and I have two reasons as to why it is.

First reason: Kehasuk is releasing more of his stunning posters.

Second reason: An individual that I call by their Instagram handle, Severesky, is releasing a new Naruto sticker.

One may find this to be unexciting news, but for the weeaboo/otaku/anime fan that enjoys displaying peeking stickers on the sides of their car and hanging up anime posters on a newly purchased IKEA display shelf that was bought for this day, this news is HUGE.

Ok, maybe not that big of a deal, but I find it exciting.

Kehasuk is an artist that I found on Instagram that sells the majority of his prints at conventions or during four different increments throughout the year.  He first released his prints online on January 1st for twenty-four hours, where I bought a beautiful Studio Ghibli print.  Then, the last time he made them available online was March 1st, where I splurged a little and bought two of his prints.  Currently resting on my shelf, I have a Hunter x Hunter, a One Piece, and the Miyazaki World prints.

As you could probably pick up from the last paragraph, they only sell the posters in twenty-four hour time periods.  Since I am hoping to purchase three more prints this time around, I figured I would share this artist that I am so fond of.  Maybe some one else will become infatuated with their work.

Severesky, another person who I found off of Instagram, runs MuchKawaii.  I have bought so many of his stickers that I have lost track of how many I have in a drawer, waiting to be put on an object.  I love all of his stickers that reimagine an anime character.  I would hate to part with the stickers that I only bought one of that are no longer for sale, so I refuse to apply them to anything.  If I know I am going to use the sticker, I buy two.  I did this with my One Piece‘s Law sticker, which is currently on my car and safely in my room.

What’s cool about this seller is that he will take the time to send you free mini stickers in your orders.  Well, at least that is what he did for me when I had bought some stickers week after week.  It was a nice little surprise to get some freebies.

It has been a while since I last purchased a sticker, but I just saw today that he will be releasing a new Naruto sticker tomorrow.  I have to buy it.  Similar to Kehasuk, Severesky only opens up shop every once in a while, so you will want to follow his Instagram to keep track of when he opens.  For today, he will be opening up shop at 6pm for the Pacific time zone, and will end after 40 minutes.

I have multiple alarms set for the various sales going on today.  If you wish to participate in the sales just note that there is a limited quantity.  Good luck, keep your fingers crossed.

On a side note, I might as well kill two birds with one stone and post the other person that I have ordered stickers from in the past, Dana.  I just wanted to shine a quick spotlight on her site, HelloSenpai.  She keeps her shop open all days of the week, as far as I know, and her little stickers are the cutest.  I will definitely have to look into buying her Sasuke to go with my Naruto set.

Thank you August 1st for bringing a smile to my face, despite emptying my wallet.

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