Addicted to Shoujo: Manga Recommendations

It’s been a while since my last post.  I have lost the motivation to post my thoughts on the current anime season.  My attention has been drawn to a new obsession as of mine lately: manga.  I am an infant when it comes to manga; I just learned that a mangaka is the author of a manga (forgive me if that is wrong).

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I took my first dose of manga about three years ago, when Barnes and Noble had their Get Pop Cultured! event going on.  During this time they have a promotion where you can get free manga/anime posters, provided by Yen Press, and a manga sampler, from Viz Media.  I had no idea what a manga sampler was, but when I heard that there were going to be posters featuring some of my favorite anime characters, I jumped at the chance to claim some free stuff.  Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Anyways, I went through the whole sampler as fast as I could.  It was extremely interesting.  The details and intriguing storylines drew me in.  As a fan of anime, of course I would be interesting in learning that the manga is the basis for the entirety of the anime.  Also, it was exciting to learn that I could read some more Yona of the Dawn without having to wait for the non-existent second season that I dream of.

While it takes forever for some of the lesser known manga that I read to get updated on this fabulous app that I use called Manga Rock, I love getting to read a continuation of some of my favorite anime.

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I find myself reading a new manga each day, and frequently checking for updates.  Despite my constant search for new manga to satisfy my needs, I have kept a handful of manga near and dear to my heart.

Sidenote:  I am not sure why I added the rating section.  I am a biased individual and of course I rated all of my personal favorites as 10 out of 10’s.

1.) Yona of the Dawn

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Thoughts: As I mentioned earlier, Yona of the Dawn is a manga that I re-read often.  I often grow sad after reading a newly translated chapter because of how fast I read it.  The characters in this manga are definitely easy on the eyes, and the storyline is intriguing.  I love that Yona is portrayed as a strong, young woman, opposed to one that relies heavily on the men surrounding her.

Recommend: Yes

Rating: 10/10

2.) Dengeki Daisy

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Thoughts: I’ve been wanting to read this one for the longest time, and recently I caved in.  I had forgotten that the manga was centered around a hacker named Daisy, prior to clicking the first chapter so I was thrilled to surprise myself.  I’ve always been interesting in subjects that deal with computers, and I just found it neat that the manga touched on the subject quite a bit.  It was great to watch the first chapter connect to the last.  There was not a part in the manga that was not going to either tie into the end, or be addressed later on.

Recommend: YES

Rating: 10/10

3.) Namaikizakari.

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Thoughts: I am not a fan of basketball; I never understood why people found it so entertaining to watch.  This manga cleared up all of my doubts.  I have transformed into the biggest cheerleader for basketball, well…for eye candy manga boys.  The relationship between Machida and Naruse is beyond adorable.  While the storyline may be every manager’s dream, and typical, I can’t stop reading this manga.  The main characters are willing to take their relationship at a realistic speed, kind of on the slower and innocent side.  I have checked out all of manga that are recommended as being similar to this one, and none have intrigued me as much.

Recommend: Yes

Rating: 10/10

I could keep listing manga that I have recently read and loved for days, however, this post is already lengthy enough.  I will just stick with the first three that I saw on my MAL.  I would be more than happy to discuss what other manga I have become addicted to in an additional post, or in the comments.

Feel free to comment manga recommendations; my stack of plan to reads are looking a little low.

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