WataMote, short for WataMote: No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Unpopular!, is an anime like no other.  This anime is twelve episodes long and full of nonstop comical moments.  WataMote fits in the Slice of Life, Comedy, and Shounen genres.  It follows around Tomoko, a socially awkward teen, who is just starting high school.  I find this anime slightly relatable to my life, due to her being too shy to talk to people.  It is a nice reminder of the past and is a must watch!  Based on the average score of 7.32 that MAL users have given the anime, one can assume that you are more likely to like this anime, rather than not.

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Plot Summary

WataMote follows the life of fifteen year old Tomoko Kuroki.  Tomoko is entering high school and plans to become popular on the first day, however, life in high school did not go according to plan.  Months have passed and she is still not popular.  She finds it hard to talk to anyone who is not apart of her family.  Tomoko is a perfect example of a shut in otaku, who spends her time at home watching anime and finding comfort in visual novels.  Tomoko wants to find herself a boyfriend, and will hope to do so by forcing her brother, Tomoki, to talk to her every night for an hour.  Tomoko must struggle to blend into high school and become a typical teenage girl.

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One thing that I really enjoy about WataMote is that it is perfect to binge watch.  The episodes seem to fly by as you watch Tomoko try to adapt to the life of an average teen in her own way.  Tomoko’s personality is rather intriguing and I can’t help but want to watch her.  Due to her anxiety being through the roof at school and her shy personality, you can’t help but also sympathize with the poor girl.  I want Tomoko to successfully accomplish her goal of simply being able to talk to other students clearly.  Tomoko wants to be acknowledged by her peers and the opposite sex of course, yet she is often ignored.  This feeling that Tomoko experiences is all too familiar, and is quite relatable.  However, do not think this is a depressing anime, WataMote is very humorous.  Tomoko, being her otaku self, shows the life of an antisocial teenager to the extreme.  Her anxiety knows no bounds and neither does she.  Lying to family members just to impress them, asking a voice actor to record rather creepy sentences, forgetting to plug in your headphones resulting in your mother listening to perverted recordings, and an obsession with BL manga?  What other anime could have all those moments factored in besides WataMote?  There is never a dull moment in this anime, it is a must watch.  I rate this anime 4 out of 5 stars.  The anime may be excellent, however, it is definitely not a masterpiece.  WataMote is still enjoyable nonetheless.

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