Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom consists of 22 episodes, and has more in the making.  This anime is currently on its second season, however, the first began airing in the winter of 2015.  The anime is streaming on Funimation and can be viewed on other sites as well.  The anime is included in the Comedy, School, Shounen, and Action genres.  On MAL, Assassination Classroom has gained an average score of 8.16 out of 10.  This means you are more likely to enjoy watching this anime, than you are to dread every moment of it.
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Plot Summary
The students of class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Middle School are looked down upon by the other students in higher classes and by no means were the students expecting special treatment, especially having the life of the entire planet put into their hands.  When a large yellow creature, named Koro-sensei comes to Earth wanting to teach, he is assigned to class 3-E.  The class of students are instructed to eliminate their new teacher by the end of the school year in order to gain a large sum of money.  The students know this task will not be easy, but with Koro-sensei there to teach them all about assassination and the curriculum, the kids may manage.  The insanely fast teacher is able to fly and perform tasks at god-like speeds, however, his whole reason behind coming to Earth is to leave what he has learned with a group of capable students.  It is unclear if the students will be able to take down their tentacle teacher, however, they all will surely try, Koro-sensei is one of the best teachers they have ever had.
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Assassination Classroom is a comedy like no other.  The group of students all are fighting to rid the world of their teacher, how creative can this storyline get?  The teacher has a love for pudding, women, and occasionally dresses up in different disguises, making him a rather interesting character to keep your eye on.  Also, the students in his class are no mere students, they all have talents of their own.  You never know who is going to attempt to assassinate Koro-sensei, even the quietest of kids will make an effort.  Koro-sensei provides enough reasoning for even Karma, a delinquent, to come back to school just to assassinate him.  The anime always adds a new unexpected detail that leads the class further towards their goal.  A favorite character of mine in this anime would be Nagisa.  Nagisa is a rather quiet boy, however, watching him progress throughout the show, one realizes that he is an intelligent individual, do not let his test scores define him.  Within the second season of this anime, I have just now hopped aboard the Nagisa train, definitely do not push him aside, his home life makes you sympathize with him.  Overall, Assassination Classroom may be full of continuous jokes, but its countless good parts cancel out the bad.  I rate Assassination Classroom 4.5 stars out of 5.
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One thought on “Assassination Classroom

  1. I really am loving this anime. I’m not usually a huge fan of comedy but I find that Assassination Classroom just manages to hit the right note so often that I laugh quite regularly, but then it has these incredibly dramatic or touching moments in between so it balances quite well.
    Thanks for sharing.

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