Anime Related Haul

Well, summer has been eventful thus far.  My mother has a huge vision that she will be able to clean the whole house and get rid of a whole bunch of items that are just laying around.  These last two days I have been dragged along to small second hand shops, in hopes that my mother will get store credit for the items she brings in, and today I hit the jackpot.  With over a hundred dollars in store credit to the lovely Bookmans, I searched the isles.  After raiding the book isle, I made my way towards the poster section.  I saw a worker with a Yokai Watch shirt on, which left me to wonder if they happened to have anything anime related.  I checked, and they did.  There were several anime posters available for only sixteen dollars a piece, which in my opinion is pretty decent for the size of the poster.  The poster I chose was a Seraph of the End one.  I loved the design of the poster and everything about it.

Recently I had the urge to continue watching this anime after putting it on hold a while ago, and was very pleased with it after I continued it.  When I saw this poster with the anime still fresh in my mind, I had to have it.  Also, in the store I found an Eren Jaeger (Titan Form) Funko Pop character, however, I did not get it.  I deeply regret this decision not to get it, but this trip definitely lead to me frequenting the establishments.  If I happen to glance upon the figure next time I go, I will surely purchase it.  I rarely visit stores with anime related items, other than Hot Topic, making this visit to Bookmans pleasant.

On the topic of Funko Pop figures, some anime related figures were released the other day that captured my attention.  Funko has created One Piece figures!  Despite Funko only offering Monkey D. Luffy, Trafalgar D. Law, Portgas D. Ace, and Tony Tony Chopper, I was excited beyond belief to learn that these guys were becoming available.

Here they are pictured down below:

I love these little figures, I could never afford to get actual expensive figures, but these little guys are cute, well-made, and affordable.  At first, I only bought the two brothers, Luffy and Ace, but then I saw them in person.  Once I saw the two, I knew I needed to get the others.  As I sit here typing this, the three of the four guys sit at my desk staring at me.  Sadly, Law has not arrived in the mail yet, but figures crossed he arrives safely on Monday.  If you are looking into ordering these figures, I recommend that you do!  I fell in love with these figures at first sight.  Also, a little tip would be to order these ones on eBay, they go for much cheaper on there than on Amazon or GameStop, and on eBay the cheap ones are typically still new.  A personal favorite eBayer of mine would be Kokomo Toys.  Kokomo Toys is very reliable toy store that is also very fast at shipping items.

Has anyone else ordered any anime related items lately?  Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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