Aoharu x Machinegun

Aoharu x Machinegun is made up of 12 episodes.  Sentai Filmworks, my favorite licensor, released and had this anime scheduled to air during the summer season of 2015.  The anime is considered to be apart of the Shounen, Action, and Comedy genres.  Aoharu x Machinegun earned an average score of 7.29, according to MAL.

Plot Summary

Within Aoharu x Machinegun, the viewer watches as the main character, Hotaru Tachibana, displays her strong sense of justice.  She is willing to do anything to ensure that the world remains just.  Upon hearing that her friend was lured into a host club by a host, she decides to barge in and see the host for herself.  Hotaru is a tomboy and prefers to dress as one, which often confuses many individuals.  In the host club, she causes enough ruckus to gain the attention of the main host, Masamune Matsuoka.  He challenges Hotaru to a duel where the first person who gets hit with a toy gun loses.  After her heartbreaking lose, Hotaru is forced to join Masamune’s survival game team, known as Toy Gun Gun.  Masamune does not allow girls to play on his team, however, he is unknowing of Hotaru’s true gender.  Masamune’s other partner, Tooru Yukimura, is not thrilled about the idea of her joining at first, but he soon gets over it after sharing his precious adult novels with Hotaru.  Hotaru was wary of the survival game when she first joined, but after many challenges and games, she became addicted to survival games.  Toy Gun Gun decided to aim for the top by joining this year’s TCG, short for Top Combat Game.  The group is forced to face their long standing rivals in the first round, who happened to have won the previous TCG.  Hotaru quickly learns why females were not allowed on the team.  Stakes are high for the TCG and Hotaru has to learn to accept the unjust motives of others and the bloodthirsty opponents.


Aoharu x Machinegun was unlike any other anime I have seen.  Lately anime has struggled to be creative with their storylines, and this one is certainly more than creative, it is brilliant.  I have failed to see any other anime focused around men playing survival games.  I found this anime to be very interesting.  Not only is the storyline original, but the characters are what make the anime fun to watch.  Yukimura’s obsession with adult graphic novels and Masamune being a host adds comedy into the mix.  While the two may be serious on the survival game field, their activities outside of the game are quite humorous.  By adding in these slight character details made the Aoharu x Machinegun that much more entertaining to watch.  It has not been announced that this anime will be getting a second season, however, I believe it is in desperate need of one.  I eagerly await what is in store for the group in the future.  I give Aoharu x Machinegun 5 out of 5 stars.

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