Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist is a twelve episode anime available to be streamed on Crunchyroll.  The anime was released in July of 2013 and is based upon the manga.  Devils and Realist has numerous genres: comedy, fantasy, historical, mystery, shoujo; thus appealing to a vast range of anime viewers.  On MAL, the anime is currently scored with an average of 7.20, based upon the thoughts of a little over 21,000 people.  This score is slightly lower than other anime that I have watched, however, it was good nonetheless.

Plot Summary

The anime is centered around the main character, William Twining.  William learns of his tuition not being paid for school, resulting in him going back home to find out why his uncle would not pay.  Arriving at home, William learns his uncle has gone bankrupt and abandoned his now empty home.  William searches the house for any remaining valuables to sell for his tuition and comes across a hidden room with the sole remaining butler, Kevin.  They come across a magic circle, where William accidently summons Dantalion.  It is learned that William must choose the new ruler of Hell due to Lucifer falling into a deep slumber.  He was given this ability by his ancestor, Solomon; a man who gained 72 pillars/demons to follow him.  William refuses to accept the fact that demons exist since he is a self proclaimed realist.  Various events occur and William discovered to be the Elector, the one to choose the ruler of Hell.  This results in the demon candidates to start to appear and join William’s school, including Sytry, Ciel, and Dantalion, fighting for the right to inherit the throne.  As other demons within Hell and Heaven become antsy, Sytry, Dantalion, and Ciel fight to protect William from the demons, and most importantly, himself.  Solomon begins to take over William after he puts on the family heirloom, a ring.  Dantalion remembers his promise he once made with Solomon, which was to kill him when needed.  Dantalion tries to get the ring off his finger to save his newfound friend, William.  In the end, the appearance of Solomon was unneeded due to Lucifer awakening and sending Solomon off.  William returns to his normal day to day life at school, however, everyone’s memories of the three demons have been erased.  William is rather lonely without the demons there to bother him, although he will not admit it.


Devils and Realist only consists of twelve hilarious episodes, making it rather easy to binge watch in one sitting.  I loved the historical aspect thrown into this anime, dealing with Heaven and Hell.  Usually, I turn away from those under the historical genre, but this anime made it easy to bear and watch.  The anime is rather comical and you can never take the characters seriously.  Despite, the various demons that arrive to become the next ruler of Hell, William manages to dismiss them.  He claims they are not demons, but they are real since they are made of atoms.  He only views instances from a scientific standpoint and never claims that he is in the wrong.  Instead of this anime being about demons, I felt it had more of a daily life of schoolboy approach to it.  Moving back to the characters, each one has their own personalities and some are even polar opposites, but somehow it works.  Opposites do attract, as they say.  Sytry is a personal favorite of mine.  At first glance, one would confuse Sytry for a female due to his gorgeous and feminine features, however, he is in fact a he.  Although, his willingness to cross-dress does not help his case.  Overall, I would recommend this anime to anyone who is looking for a rather comical anime to kill time with.  I rate this anime 4 out of 5 stars.


One thought on “Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

  1. There’s definitely comedic value in this and binge watching it is the way to go, but I found William’s character obnoxious. Particularly his insistence that he is some kind of genius but he almost never acts in a way that would lead you to believe he is even bright.


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